Chaos in Congress? Breaking it down for you!

Episode 46 November 14, 2023 00:38:01
Chaos in Congress? Breaking it down for you!
Just a Bite
Chaos in Congress? Breaking it down for you!

Nov 14 2023 | 00:38:01


Show Notes

The public policy team at the Ohio Association of Foodbanks sits down to provide you with updates on what is happening in Congress when it comes to hunger and basic needs security. OAF’s new director of communications, Audrey Vanzant, joins Hope and Sarah to host the episode and ask the team what the listeners need to know when it comes to the debt ceiling deal negotiation earlier this year, delays in the Farm Bill, a possible government shutdown and more. Take a listen! 


Medicaid renewals are starting. Those who don’t reenroll could get kicked off, by Maria Godoy, NPR 

The government remains open – for now. Here’s what happens next, by Kaanita Iyer, CNN 

Rep Mike Johnson says avoiding shutdown is priority as House speaker, by April Rubin, Axios 

Getting a new speaker may not clear hurdles to agriculture bills, by Ellyn Ferguson, Roll Call 

Millions of American families struggle to get food on the table, report finds, by Maria Godoy, NPR 

USDA Economic Research Service Report on Household Food Security in the United States in 2022, Released October 2023. 

Feeding America Calls for Immediate Action to Address Large Increase in Food Insecurity, Released October 25, 2023 

A recently released USDA Policy Memo assured that SNAP and WIC benefits will be issued through the rest of the year, regardless of government shutdown.  

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